Airports of the Future:

Flying high: Transforming airports into seamless mobility centers


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In this document, we explore the pivotal role of airports as dynamic transit hubs, emphasizing the importance of multimodal mobility solutions in enhancing the overall user experience. By integrating various modes of transportation and innovative services, MaaS solutions for airports are revolutionizing the industry, catering to diverse user profiles and enriching the travel journey from arrival to departure.

Key points for a MaaS solution in airports

A MaaS solution in airports integrates transport options for seamless travel. It provides real-time info on buses, trains, taxis, and car sharing, empowering travelers to choose wisely. By promoting sustainability, it enhances airport transit into a convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly experience.

Examples of MaaS projects at airports

Providers of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) play a crucial role in transforming airport transportation by integrating diverse mobility options into a unified platform. The document showcases four success stories of MaaS projects implemented at airports worldwide, with a focus on one in particular: Aena Mobility, the multimodal mobility application for Madrid and Barcelona airports.



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