Introduction to Mobility as a Service

A freer, more connected, and sustainable mobility for your city.


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What can you find in this document?

With this guide, you can know more about the new model of mobility towards Mobility as a Service (MaaS), as well as know all of the advantages that this new concept of urban mobility can offer you. MaaS is the future of mobility and transportation in cities, by 2025 more than 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities. This urban ecosystem will carry a great deal of pressure in the approach of cities and transport systems.

What is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service begins as an innovative technology that consists on integrating into a single platform all modes of transport both private and public which are available in a city, offering the user the possibility of planning, reserve and paying for their transportation inside the same application. These are their advantages:

Intermodal mobility


Goodbye to tickets


Sustainable and clean


Based on the preferences of the user


Efficient payment


Find out about our case of success

Between March and June 2021 a Mobility as a Service pilot project was implemented in Zaragoza by the name of Zaragoza Urban Mobility (ZUM).
The decision of choosing this city took place because it was presented in an environment that was suitable to accomplish projects that had an innovator character to them, and because of the cities urban transport network.
This project has it’s own drive with the city council of Zaragoza, and through the mobile phone application which was developed by Meep, it was acheaved in a very simple way to plan the trips of the travelers using the public transport of Zaragoza.
If you want to know more about the concept of MaaS and about our successfull case study , download the document!

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