Case Study: Meep Alcobendas 

A solution to enhance urban and corporate mobility in Madrid.

Meep Alconbendas

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What can you find in the Meep Alcobendas success story?

All the details of a project that positions Alcobendas at the forefront of mobility in Spain and received the 2022 award for the best solution in the category of 'promoting sustainable mobility,' granted at the Recognition Awards for Good Practices in Emission Reduction 2022.

What does this mobility project entail?

It involves the development of a mobile application that allows users to combine all modes of transportation in Alcobendas and North Madrid into a single route, accessible through a unified platform.

Meep Alcobendas EN

"In the first phase with Meep, we accelerated the adoption of personal mobility vehicles in the city. Now, we are integrating all modes of transportation into a single platform that makes it easy for residents to get around Alcobendas. Meep is a key component in the development of our Comprehensive Mobility Plan."

Roberto Fraile, Mobility Councillor of the Alcobendas City Council (2019-2023)

Does your city need a connected mobility solution? 

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