Alsa Mobi4U

Alsa's connected mobility app 

Alsa Mobi4U

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What can you find in the Alsa Mobi4U case study?

Alsa Mobi4U is a mobile application that was launched with the aim of bringing together different mobility services in a single integrated solution and expanding the transport operator's digital connectivity capabilities.

Why does a transport operator need a MaaS as Mobi4U?

Urban mobility practices have changed due to the new digital environment we find ourselves in. And, as a multimodal and connected company, Alsa has taken a new step in its digitalisation strategy by implementing Mobi4U.

Alsa Mobi4U

Key features

This platform marks a step forward in this traditional operator's sustainability and connectivity strategy, enabling it to be a pioneer and frontrunner in the connected mobility sector. What does it offer?


Real-time information


Plan routes


Digital payment integration


Integration with other complementary transport operators

Natalia Aldanondo,

Digital Development Managerat Alsa

"The know-how provided by Meep to develop the Alsa Mobi4U MaaS app has helped us to be at the forefront of mobility digitalisation and provide the best possible service for our customers".


Natalia-Aldanondo (1)

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