Zaragoza Urban Mobility (ZUM)

The first MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution in Spain



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In March 2021, the Zaragoza Urban Mobility (ZUM) pilot was launched in the city of Zaragoza, becoming the first MaaS pilot project in Spain. Find out everything about this success story, from the agents involved to the conclusions.

ZUM integrates 80% of the city's public and shared transport offer.

Through a mobile application (iOS and Android), the multimodal planner allows the reservation and payment of different transport services available in the city, as well as the virtualization of transport tickets.


Spain's most ambitious urban integration project

Natalia Chueca, Councilor for Public Services and Mobility

"The objective, in addition to encouraging the use of public transport and intermodality is, in words, to envolve from a pilot test that is having a great acceptance, to a municipal application and its subsequent tender that will place Zaragoza at the forefront of mobility in Spain."

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